Creator's Best Friend

Creator's Best Friend is, quite literally, your best friend.

Matthew Obrien, 5 Essential Apps for YouTubers and Content Creators.


This is great. I was just searching how to find chapter markers in final cut and ended up downloading this program. Well worth the $9.99

Russ Lyman (via YouTube)


OMG this should be compulsory for any YouTube content creator with any intention to monetize their content. It addresses one o the most vexing problems with trying to navigate any content over a few minutes in length

Bill Buchanan, Director/Editor WRCB


We are going to use this to chapter the recent YouTube series and all future installments.

Mike Matzdorff, Editor


Chapters are tags and section headers and SEO and deep links and storytelling and replayability and accessibility and convenience and copywriting and branding and workflow – I frickin’ love chapters.

Matthew Cassinelli, Host #SmartTechToday on

@TWiT & YouTube Blogger


Absolutely incredible idea and app!

Jason Bowdach, Post Production Workflow Engineer.


This will actually be a huge time save! Anyone who makes @YouTube content and uses FCPX give this a look. $10 could save you lots of time. Time is money after all!

Auburn Digital via Twitter

Creator’s Best Friend creates
YouTube and Vimeo Video Chapters from
Premiere Pro Sequence Chapter Markers.

Creator’s Best Friend has been developed together with Peter Wiggins from Idustrial Revolution.
When he found that entering timestamps on YouTube
was not only time consuming but inaccurate,
he know there had to be a better way!



The official video is below, but Dylan Bates - The Final Cut Bro says it so much better:



Now the official video.



Premiere Pro supports Chapter Markers in Sequences. YouTube and Vimeo support Video Chapters, which are not compatible. In Premiere Pro you add Chapter Markers to a Sequence. YouTube requires a simple list of time stamps and chapter names.


Viewers can go directly to sections that interest them, increasing engagement.


They can also navigate directly to Product and affiliate links directly from the Chapter Markers, although for affiliate links you might want to use a URL Shortener.


All the information in the Description field, including Video Chapters helps video ranking.



Creator’s Best Friend extracts the Chapter Markers from a Premiere Pro Sequence, and formats them ready for YouTube or Vimeo.



In Creator's Best Friend you can

  • Review your Chapter Markers
  • Check and correct spelling
  • Check URLs for accuracy.


Click the prominent “Copy to Clipboard” from Creator’s Best Friend and then paste into the Description Field of your YouTube or Vimeo video. You can edit the Description for video in YouTube’s Creator Studio at any time (or the equivalent Vimeo tool), even after publishing.



By simply pasting the correctly formatted list into that description field, YouTube does the work of creating, and linking to, Video Chapters.


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