Producer's Best Friend

Creates a formatted .xlsx spreadsheet report about the video clips, titles, filters you’ve used in the Events and Projects in Final Cut Pro

We did a 2 hour documentary. The documentary aired on PBS stations across the country. I had 3 different music providers, over 5,000 pictures and 70 reels of film.We had archival & buyout footage & 3 sources of buy out music. 

Producer’s BestFriend took seconds figure out where everything came from.

I promise you won’t be disappointed in this app.

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For Excel and Numbers



  • Summary
  • Clips
  • Roles and Subroles
  • Markers
  • Keywords
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Effects and
  • Transitions.

Indispensable tool: Responsive developers, simple and functional. I have used, tested and abused everything made by this company and everything they make shines.

Mike Matzdorff,
Assistant Editor and Trainer

In seconds you have a list of things to do, clips you’ve used, transition, with times, duration, everything – all in a spreadsheet

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This app saved days of work for me! 

I was able to report three XML files and generate three spreadsheets within minutes. Job done!

Robert Burgee
via App Store

For those of us who have to submit all kinds of reports to the network (stock footage used, music clips, VFX, narration ins and outs, images, graphics, etc.) this is truly a godsend.

Cirina Catania,
Filmmaker and Producer

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