Picture This…

Images for text and title backgrounds, b-roll, illustrations and creative imagery
generated right on your Mac, unlimited and copyright free.

If you can describe it, you can have it in your timeline.

Harness the power of Generative AI to create unlimited, fantastic and copyright free images from your edit timeline,
right on your Mac.

Social media editors, brand ambassadors, content creators, YouTubers, documentarians, and also the rest of us who edit…We need this!
This app doesn’t just create images, it creates them directly in your edit. Call out stunning AI text-to-image artwork from To Do markers in your Final Cut Pro Projects and Premiere Pro Sequences.

Cirina Catania, Filmmaker


See Picture This… in action

All images in this video were generated by Picture This…


Create your prompts where you will use them: in To-Do/Red Markers in your edit timelines

Runs as a Batch


Batch processing allows you to use your time productively while Picture This… does its AI magic

Results direct to the edit

Newly created images display right where you need them: in your edit

Use multiple passes to hone in on the image you want

Images are always FREE, if it’s one or one thousand

All processing done locally on your Mac

Just three simple steps

1. Add an image prompt to a To-Do or Red Marker applied to clips in your edit.

2. Process your prompts in Picture This… Choose quality and number.

3. Get a new Project or Sequence with the requested number of images for every prompt

A convenient, quick source of b-roll. 5-stars. This app is a usefull link between edit timelines and Stable Diffusion.

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It’s really brilliant, as always you guys have come up with a real time saver

Jon Waters,
FCP Editor's Facebook Group

So excited to see AI image generation integration directly in Final Cut Pro!!

George Edmondson,
Owner ,Seed Creative

This utility has come in very useful for multiple projects, just within the first couple of hours after installing

Muddle Outdoor
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