Creative Workflow Tools
for Final Cut Pro


Tools for creative expression

Create unlimited stunning images direct to edit timelines

Uprez b-roll images in your FCP Project with all moves and effects reproduced.


Generate every report you could ever need. 

Every report you need from
Final Cut Pro

Translate full Premiere Pro Project to Final Cut Pro Libraries


Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro to
Final Cut Pro

Translate full Final Cut Pro Libraries to Premiere Pro Projects


Apps that work inside FCP as a Workflow Extension

Read almost all documents inside Final Cut Pro

Project Markers to YouTube Chapters

Work with ChatGPT (etc) inside Final Cut Pro

Compares Projects and generates a Change List

Useful Utilities

Batch sync audio and video using Timecode


Create Change Lists because “final” is never final.

Batch sync dual-system sound and video with matching timecode