Embiggen takes a Project of low resolution still images with animations,
and returns a Project with high resolution images and the matching animations.

Automatically resizes still images 1600% and returns upscaled choices back to your Project or Event, reproducing all
moves and effects.

While we were testing AI Models we kept coming back to these two. They were clearly better than the rest, but we couldn’t choose between them.

What we discovered was that sometimes one was better, other times, the other Model gave clearly better results.

So we included both! Each Audition will have two super scaled images, ready for you to choose which gave you the best results image by image.

Philip Hodgetts, Co-developer, Embiggen

US $34.99

To make an Embiggened Final Cut Pro Project:
drag-and-drop the Project or Event, click Go, choose import Library!

Sharper, more detailed Zooms and Ken Burns effects.

Drag, Upscale, Done

Edit, scale, position, or “Ken Burns” your images as you edit, however small the image.

Then, when ready, simply drag your Event or Project from Final Cut Pro to Embiggen’s floating interface and click Go!

It’s that Easy!

Using AI to uprez images 1600%, Embiggen creates in-between detail to give you a larger image you can zoom right into.

Original and Embiggened images will be returned in an Audition.

Supports a wide range of images including:
TIFF, PNG, JPEG, flattened PSD, GIF, BMP.
Alpha channels in images will be removed.

Before/After Animated Examples


Clear choices, not confusing controls!

Everything is scaled to 4x each dimension, for a 1600% larger image.

Two Models, Two results (and your original) in an Audition, so you can  choose which looks best!

Local and Free

Embiggen is powered by the Apple Silicon in your Mac. 

No uploading.

No ongoing fees.

All processing is free forever.

All Moves Matched

The new, larger images will have the same scale, position and rotation animations as the originals, including Ken Burns effects.

All other effects are retained.

See how simple it is to use

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Works with Apple Silicon Macs running Final Cut Pro 10.5 or later.