The “secret” to great images with Picture This… lies in the prompt you send to the Stable Diffusion AI engine. For Picture This… the prompt is the name of the Marker. Prompts are limited to approximately 70 words, and you can fit all that in a Marker Name! 

The basic structure for a text-to-image prompt is: 

Putting it all together, a prompt will look something like these examples, which have had the generated square image scaled and/or composed for the widescreen ratio of the edit. 

A cyclist in the forest, sunlight filtering through trees, wide, best quality, cinematic quality 
Mid forties male female couple, enjoying a picnic, sunset, in a park, wide shot, vibrant color, cinematic quality, masterpiece 
A plate of rice and vegetable curry, on a table, in a home, medium wide, best quality, masterpiece 
Congested traffic on a freeway, cloudy weather, dull lighting, best quality, masterpiece, cinematic 

Picture This… uses the latest Stable Diffusion AI model so any article on creating prompts for Stable Diffusion will apply to creating prompts in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro for Picture This…. These are some we’ve found useful. Note that negative prompts are not currently available in Picture This…, but support is planned for a future update.

Finally, here is a link to information about the uses, limitations and bias of the Stable Diffusion models used by Picture This…: https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0#uses