Also known as 7toX for Final Cut Pro

Translates XML from:

Premiere Pro CC

Media 100

Sony Vegas

Final Cut Pro 7

into XML for import to Final Cut Pro

SendToX is the App Store name.
7toX from this site is the same app, but activated with a serial number 

I downloaded this app, mostly just to see how it would go about transferring in my old projects, and I have to admit it did an excellent job.

The first piece that I threw at it was a short film that I did for a horror film festival and it worked like a charm.

JackbobEvolved (via App Store)


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This lightweight application is simple to use. With drag-and-drop support and progress information. SendToX translates important metadata from your Premiere Pro Project XML — including bins, clips, subclips and sequences — to a new Library in Final Cut Pro with the highest fidelity of any translation for Final Cut Pro.


Choose from three simple methods to translate Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 6/7  XML to Final Cut Pro XML:

  • Run SendToX and use the Open dialog to locate your exported XML file
  • Drag-and-drop the XML file onto the SendToX app icon
  • Right-click on the XML file in the Finder and choose Open With > SendToX from the contextual menu.

SendToX displays a progress bar during XML translation and, when completed, adds the new Event to the Event Library. The Event contains clips for each media file and Compound Clips for each sequence.

SendToX supports both Final Cut Pro and  Final Cut Pro Trial.


SendToX produces the highest fidelity translation of your Premiere Pro (or other source app) Project, including the following conversions:

  • Bins become Keyword Collections, complete with original Log Notes and comments
  • Sequences become Compound Clips and are tagged with an “Sequences” keyword to make them easy to find
  • Multicam clips are not supported as Premiere Pro does not export multicam information in the XML.
  • Original track structures are represented by Roles
  • PICT files are automatically converted to TIFF files
  • 31 transitions are translated to matching transitions
  • 72 video FxPlug and FxScript filters are translated to matching video filters
  • 32 audio filters are translated to matching audio filters
  • Layered Photoshop files are accurately translated to Layered Photoshop files in Final Cut Pro X
  • Motion Tab settings (Scale, Rotation, Center, Crop, Distort and Opacity) are translated to Transform settings (Scale, Rotation, Position, Crop, Distort and Compositing Opacity)
  • Composite Modes are translated to matching Compositing Blend Modes
  • Constant speed changes are translated

For a complete list, see About 7toX.


SendToX adds red to-do markers to items that have been changed or substituted during translation. You can easily view these markers in the Timeline Index in Final Cut Pro, and quickly jump to a specific marker to review any change in context in the timeline.

For a complete list, see About 7toX.

If you’ve been involved in the world of non-linear video editing for more than a couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly got flex in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and others. 7toX ably provides you with the power to work with all of them!

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Yes, some things don’t translate perfectly, but when translating/ transfering something this drastically different as far as workflow is concerned, I think it does the job.

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They’re always updating it to work with the latest versions and features of Premiere and FCP. 

I’ve been using this to translate PP projects ot FCP at my new job and it just works.

Highly recommended.

Darth Diggler
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The results of SendtoX give me such a good starting point to continue an edit. Clips are organized in my browser, items are marked with pertinent information about changes, and important metadata is bought over.

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