Sequence Clip Reporter

Sequence Clip Reporter will save you money because your clip reports are completed in seconds instead of hours or days.


You have full control over the report:

  • Generate as many reports as you need
  • Create a music usage report;
  • Create a report of every clip used in a Compound Clip or Project, or every clip in an Event;
  • Report stock footage used, to order the full resolution for online;
  • List out all Effects and Transitions used to smooth online finishing (the Apple column shows whether it’s a standard effect or transition compared to one created by a third-party);
  • List all the Keywords and the ranges where they are applied on Clips;
  • Report all the notes in your Markers.
  • Generate one report for the whole timeline,
    or report role-by-role.


Forget Copy/Paste - generate a real report in seconds.


A preference setting lets you choose whether times are reported as

  • seconds (for easier spreadsheet calculations),
  • frames,
  • feet+frames, or
  • HH:MM:SS:FF timecode format.


What reports does it create?


Reports can be further processed in Excel for formatting and additional detail, if required.


You can choose to create thumbnail images of the video In point at sizes from 40 pixels wide to 640 pixels wide.

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