Sequence Clip Reporter:

About the Reports

The contents of Compound Clips in a timeline are reported by generating additional reports
for each Compound Clip from exported Event XML.

From time to time we run into assignments full of archival material. Usually this has to be cleared, and often we’re using low resolution copies that need to be identified and ordered at high resolution—this means tedious list-making.  Or it used to.  Sequence Clip Reporter digests sequence or bin XMLs from FCP or Premiere Pro, creating beautiful, readable report lists of not only clips, but options you might need listed, like markers, transitions, anything that requires tracking.  No EDL I know of can support more than 2 tracks of video— with SCR I generated a list of clips spread out over 8 tracks!  With this affordable utility,

Intelligent Assistance lives up to its promise: Getting Editors Home Earlier.


Loren S. Miller

Neotron Cinema Group

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