Picture This…

A convenient, quick source of b-roll 5stars

This app is a useful link between a Final Cut Pro (or Premiere Pro) timeline and Stable Diffusion. Of course, not every image will be great, but if you need fresh images to illustrate a point with a simple workflow, this is a great app.

funwithstuff (App Store)– Nov 17, 2023




It's really brilliant Philip as always you guys have come up with a real time saver.

Jon Waters, Final Cut Pro Editors International Facebook Group.



SOO excited to see AI image generation integration directly in Final Cut Pro!!!

George Edmondson, Owner Seed Creative

Picture This... harnesses the power of Generative AI to create unlimited, copyright free images from a

  Premiere Pro Sequence, right on your Mac.

Social media editors, brand ambassadors, content creators, YouTubers, documentarians, and also the rest of us who edit… we need this! This app doesn’t just create images, it creates them directly in your edit.


Call out stunning AI text-to-image artwork from Red Sequence  Markers in your Premiere Pro Sequences. Picture This… takes those markers and generates multiple image options for each prompt, and adds the selections directly to a new Sequence, with the image options on higher tracks, for Premiere Pro..


Using the latest version of Stable Diffusion, Picture This…runs a convenient  background batch process of images for your Premiere Pro Sequence, automatically placing them in your Sequence.




Create your prompts where you will use them: in Red Sequence Markers in your Sequence.


Run a Batch in the Background

Batch processing allows to you use your time productively while Picture This… does it’s AI magic.


Important: Do not continue working on that Sequence. Any work you do on your edit will not be included in the results returned from Picture This…


Here's an example where all the images have been generated by Picture This…




Aligned in your Sequence

New images display right where you need them in your Sequence.


Other Features

Use multiple passes to hone in on the image you need. Optionally, fine tune the prompt each time.

Images are always free, whether you generate one or 1000.

Processing happens on your local Mac, never in the cloud.


Images cannot be copyright individually, but do not limit the copyright on the finished project.


 How it Works


1     In Premiere  Pro enter your image description (a.k.a. prompt) in a Red Sequence Marker where  you want the image to start.



2     Export XML from Premiere Pro and Import that XML, to Picture This…



3     Choose your settings and click Start to generate images.


4     After processing, the Sequence is ready to import to Premiere Pro, with the generated images stacked on Video Tracks above your existing edit.



Note: Image processing speed is dependent on  your hardware configuration and may take a few minutes to process. Apple Silicon is required.


Images are generated as squares and are scaled to twice the largest dimension of your Sequence, so you can zoom in to 200% without compromising quality. You can zoom and position the image for optimal composition using the normal controls for Scale and Position. These can be animated by setting Keyframes for Scale and/or Position.


You can modify prompts and send the Sequence to Picture This… again. New results will be stacked on higher video tracks, leaving earlier passes intact (unless you delete them).


Requires a Mac with Apple Silicon, macOS Sonoma 14.0 or later. A minimum of 8GB of RAM is required, but 16GB or more is recommended. Picture This… currently only support English Prompts.


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