Change List CC

Because picture lock is never really locked...

Finally, you reached picture lock and send the project off so the sound department can start work. Which they do. Except a week or two later, there’s just “a few minor changes when the director took another pass”…


And that’s where a Change List comes in. Because “Final” is never “Final” and “Locked” is regularly “Unlocked” again.


Change List CC analyses two Premiere Pro CC sequences and produces a change list comparing a track of the two versions of the edit.


  • The report lists the changes that need to be made to the initial cut to match the new edits, step by step

  • The report can be created as a PDF, tab-separated text file,
    or both

  • Report times can be shown as either Timecode, Feet+Frames or Frame Count

  • Change List CC can also create a change pull list (for new footage added to the timeline) and a change discard list (for footage that needs to be removed from the timeline)



What is a Change List and who uses them?


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