FindrCat (Pro)

The potential efficiencies this creates is huge! Thank you so much Philip & Gregory!

Benjamin Brodbeck

Snr Editor, Caterpillar, Inc


Definition of serendipity: FindrCat, FCP X and macOS working together.

Anders Utterstrom, Editor, Chicago.


I’m a fan of FindrCat Pro and I find that it really comes in handy using it with another app called NeoFinder - which I use to catalog the media from old projects on backup drives.  As these drives are mostly portable backups which are mostly offline, NeoFinder can read the Finder tags that FindrCat embeds in the archived media files.

Joseph Becker, thinkfilm

Simple, Easy & Inexpensive organization for
 your Final Cut Pro X Media:
translate Keywords into Finder Tags
that are fully searchable in macOS Finder.

With the Pro upgrade all keyword ranges

notes, markers, favorite and reject ranges

and more, are all returned to Final Cut Pro X.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search through all your media for your Final Cut Pro X Keywords without needing Final Cut Pro X? To have your valuable Keywords available wherever the media goes, without Final Cut Pro X.  FindrCat turns your Keywords into Finder Tags, that travel with the media, in the media file.



And here's an explanation of Finder Tags and how you can use them in FindrCat by Robyn Kurtz:



Since version 10.1 Final Cut Pro X has been able to create a keyword collection for your Finder tags upon importing. Now you can take your Keywords full circle.


By simply dragging an Event, Library or XML file to the FindrCat Dock icon your Final Cut Pro X Keywords will be added to your media files as macOS Finder tags.


Note: Finder tags travel with the file from system to system, so your precious metadata is never lost.


This Apple support document has more information about Finder tags (including how to set colors for your tags).


For just $19.99 FindrCat turns the macOS Finder into a simple asset management system so you can find your media without needing to have Final Cut Pro X. Why lose track of your media's content? Use the work you do in Final Cut Pro X to find media in macOS Finder.

FindrCat Pro is $29.99 via an in-app purchase.  ( $49.98 total)


FindrCat Pro

Searching for Finder Tags



Requires Final Cut Pro X 10.1 or later, OS X (macOS) 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.


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