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GREAT visualFX for Final Cut Pro #1

GREAT visualFX for Final Cut Pro vol#1 Mac OS 9, Mac OS X

    Regular price: $75.00

Mac OS 9 Built for Mac OS X
18 Commercial TV FX that you can reproduce using only the features and filters supplied with Final Cut Pro.

Not only will you work along with a movie for every step to reproduce these GREAT visual FX, you will also learn about:

  • nesting,
  • composite modes,
  • animation,
  • chroma key,
  • travel mattes
  • extracting mattes and
  • many more of Final Cut Pro's advanced compositing and animation features.

The perfect solution for those who want take Final Cut Pro to the next level using the built-in compositing and FX tools.

18 complete FX, 61 tutorial movies,
80 minutes of tutorials with Projects and Media included.

Only $4.20 per effect!

Integrates with DV Companion - The Intelligent Assistant for Final Cut Pro using pre-programmed searches. Click the "More about" button to automatically get more about the subject.
(DV Companion is optional and not necessary for GREAT visual FX.)


A 9 step tutorial that shows everything you need to reproduce this popular television effect popularized by the Paramount series "Star Trek". What was cutting edge effects is now possible with the tools supplied within Final Cut Pro.

Color FX

Multiple tutorials showing how to reproduce common color FX:

  • Two ways to achieve the blue-green look favoured by SUV commercials
  • A duo-tone red look favored by "targeted" retail commercials
  • A hot, desert look complete with heat haze.


Glows are one of the "basic" effects. In this series of tutorials you'll extract a matte from the source and use that as the basis of a:

  • basic glow
  • zoom glow
  • color glow

and learn how to put the glow behind the subject.

Text Effects

News and composite text effects screen

This series of tutorials takes you through all the steps needed to build interesting and complex "text build" screens that are so much a part of

  • Creating complex mattes in Final Cut Pro and Photoshop
  • Matting the screens with still and motion textures
  • Enhancing the matte
  • Building a composite image, including creating "shelves and shadows"
  • Animating and masking video into the text screen and
  • Animating text from "under" other objects.

3D Overlapping animated text with Glint

In these tutorials you will learn how to create text with a pseudo 3D look and add a glint to the edge of the text.

Additional text is animated across the screen and interacts with the background and pseudo 3D text using composite modes.

Solid Color People

The basis of a whole range of effects, matting colors, gradients or any other content (including video content) but is heavily used in a burger commercial in late 2002. Our series of tutorial steps:

  • extracting the matte - easier if the subjects were shot on a blue or green screen,
  • travel-matting the keyed subject to the fill content,
  • building a full composition by sizing and positioning the clips, and
  • integrating the effect with the backgrounds.

Our tutorial builds an interesting effect with elves "polishing" an elephant!


Another "staple" of visual effects on commercial TV are trails and here we:

  • extract the matte even when there's no blue-screen,
  • build a regular trail,
  • color and rainbow trails, and
  • how to keep them behind the subject.

Registration Bonus

Register your GREAT visual FX #1 package online (from inside the interface) and get an extra tutorial as a bonus - the secret of doing "Film Style" (center gutter) credits in Boris Calligraphy's Title Crawl within Final Cut Pro.

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