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Intellicaster - Intelligent automated Podcasting for Broadcasters

A completely automated system that captures, edits*, encodes, uploads and publishes live broadcast shows to a podcast, with optional commercial charges for each podcast.

Repurpose news and local programming for profit

Call 866-897-8924 or email to learn more and to discover how Intellicaster can be customized to better suit your needs.

Complete Self-contained and Automated

The Intellicaster system will automatically:

  • Capture programs based on their broadcast schedule;
  • Delete commercial breaks* if desired;
  • Encode to iPod compatible format;
  • Upload to server; and
  • Update the publication database to update podcast feed.

The movies encoded by Intellicaster are also suitable for embedding onto a website. Automated solutions can be custom created to post movies to websites as well as to podcast feeds.

No human intervention required

Intellicaster supports audio-only or audio and video podcast feeds

Link in with klickTab for a commercial solution

Intellicaster can be optionally linked with klickTab's RSS-commerce solution to charge micropayments for each episode downloaded by viewers.

klickTab charges viewers only for the shows they download (Manually or automatically) but maintains all the convenience of push-driven delivery into standard clients, like Apple's iTunes software.

Complete solution

Each Intellicaster system is completely self-contained requiring only power, video and audio feeds, and Internet connection**. Configurations are based on the type of video input available or required and the speed of turnaround required.


Base - $4495

Suitable for unbalanced audio and composite or S/video source. Perfect for audio-only podcasting

Component - $4995

Suitable for balanced audio analog component inputs

Digital/High Performance - $8995

For SDI or HD-SDI source or where fast turnaround is required


  • Video and audio feeds at the install location
  • Power
  • Internet at install location with FTP access to server location
  • HTTP Server on public Internet to serve up the podcast files
  • MySQL and php installed on the server.

Intelligent Assistance can organize server solutions if the infrastructure is not already in place.

* automated commercial break removal requires a video feed where black is fed in the commercial breaks (upstream of commercial insertion).Turn local programming into a profit center.

**Monitor and keyboard are not included. In most installations access will be via shared KVM switch or using a VNC connection. System customization and installation is included within the LA/Orange County Area, other areas will incur travel costs.

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